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The Playa

A community led effort to map global offshoots, entrepreneurial culture and our communal efforts is via a crowdsourced wiki. We can map, categorize, and share all of our efforts to shepherd Burning Man culture through a period of unprecedented global change.

Note: A project doesn't have to be yours in order to be added! Add as much information as you might know about something to get started even if it's owned by another group.

Want to get involved? Email us. Recurring working gatherings to co-create a Burner Cultural impact wiki to map our collective impact projects take place in the From Dust club on Clubhouse.

Planning to go the playa this year for the FreeBurn? Share resources here: FreeBurn

Burner Culture[edit]

Impact/Projects Beyond Black Rock City[edit]

  • FreeBurn - A place for those self-organizing and gathering on the playa the 2021 FreeBurn.
  • BurnerProjects - A list of categorized burner projects currently underway in the metaverse.
  • Existing Communities - A list of communities around the world that embody the ten principles.
  • Blockchain Projects - A list of emerging blockchain projects currently in development.

Camp Directory[edit]

A listing of camps, each with their own page on this wiki. Please add your camp if you don't see it listed!

  • CampBoilerPlate - A template for you to use (if you wish) for your camp's page.

Esplanade Camps[edit]

  • First Camp

Sound Camps[edit]

LGBTQ focused Camps[edit]

Adult themed camps[edit]

Support camps[edit]

Food camps[edit]

Other awesome camps[edit]

Burner Socio-Cultural Norms[edit]

The First Google Doodle

The Great Unknown[edit]

The Great Unknown is the announced theme for Burning Man in 2021. It is possible it will be reflected as a network of physical and virtual activities that merge the space between online and in person, with multiple events happening in synchronicity around the world during the dates of Burning Man. This is a play place to list places and regional or local events that may evolve between now and Burn Week.

  • Baker Beach, San Francisco
  • Kaua'i Beach Burn


Embassy Network



PAN Asia - PAN brings together neighbors of East South West and North through dialogues and exchanges. PAN is about care and love for the planet, cities, communities, and ourselves. We share, co-shape, co-learn, co-create meaningful projects we want to wake up early and go to sleep late for everyday.



Burning Man- Unofficial Facebook group [1]

Camp Envy - The largest camp not on the Playa: [2]


The From Dust club is a club for the Burning Man + Beyond community on Clubhouse.

The BMwebcast club will be one of the interactive audio components of the Official Burning Man Live Webcast


Mastodon [3]is a decentralized social network where communities control the privacy and moderation policies for their own community server. No ads. No data collection.


#BMwebcast on Instagram is the searchable hashtag for screencaps from the Official Burning Man Live Webcast


#BMwebcast on Twitter is the searchable hashtag for screencaps and other comms to and from the Official Burning Man Live Webcast

Virtual Burning Man Experiences[edit]