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Ram runs to Hurrel or will absent this week
Todd Gurley has been troubled by injuries this season, but even with injuries, he still completed a good gift season. This week, the team will collect Garli as "difficult" in the latest announcement of the injury report, which means that he has a lot of possibilities to absent the 49 people with San Francisco.

This season, Galley only first sent 12 games, he held 229 times, wholesale nfl jerseys and promoted 1106 yords with 10 reachaes. His buset code reached 4.8 yards. As the first round of the race this season, Galley encountered a knee in front of the knee in the university, cheap nfl Jerseys which also led him to absent the race of the ram, and the early days of the season. But since I replaced the game 3, this rookie quickly became the focus of the alliance.

If you can win this week's game, the winning rate of the ram will come 50%. We have reason to believe that the next season is completely restored to healthy Galley can impact the playoffs with this young team.