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The culturing procedures reduce the milk sugar lactose into glucose and galactose which are the two sugars that are easily absorbed by lactose intolerant individuals. In addition to the initial bacteria cultures, various other bacterial cultures are usually added to yoghurt to increase the nutritional health benefits. Yoghurt is a product customarily made from adding live cultures, living bacteria, to milk and has been a staple food source in Western societies for over 2000 years. Unique Custom Kitchen Innovations: -New -Renovate -Design/Build: Over 25 years of experience. Healthy Living NT has operated as a Territory organisation for over 40 years and we are committed to serving the whole Territory community in all its diversity. This pack has been specifically structured to enable staff to deliver a systematic programme that will have a broader impact on general food and nutrition issues which are important for people with learning disabilities. Not surprisingly, close relationships had the most impact. Others, like Dean, however, wouldn't mind a full slide back into the past, eschewing online reviews almost entirely - at least until tech companies clean up their act.

Another recently published article in the British Journal Of Nutrition discovered that full fat dairy products such as natural yoghurt may not have unfavourable effects on cholesterol and blood pressure as previously thought. You may also follow us on twitter @hliving10P for healthy tips and advice. So, no matter your background, personal beliefs or walk of life, our staff are committed to providing the best quality support and advice that meets your needs as an individual person. The app ratings should be used as a guide only and neither the ratings nor the apps themselves should be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice. VicHealth does not warrant that the apps are free from viruses or defects which may corrupt or damage property. There are so many factors involved -- genetics, arterial damage from high blood pressure, and clogged arteries all play into it. It is worth mentioning that individuals participating in diets high in calcium have shown to have much lower rates of colorectal cancer. It is worth mentioning that the intestines of elderly subjects usually indicated diminished levels of bifidus bacteria, which allow for the growth of cancer causing bacteria. The larger the colonies of these so called beneficial bacteria that are present in your intestines and colon, the lower the chance of developing colon diseases.

Lactobacteria, particularly acidophilus, encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and colon and reduces the adaptation of bile into carcinogenic bile acids. If you have recently been prescribed antibiotics it is important to understand that antibiotics kill not only harmful bacteria throughout the body, but also the healthy bacterial colonies within the intestines. 1) Yogurt contains lactobacteria which is the intestines beneficial bacterial cultures that encourage a healthy digestive system. Basically, the beneficial bacterium in yogurt seems to neutralize harmful substances such as nitrates and nitrites before they are transformed into nitrosamines, and before they can become carcinogenic. Most prevalent in fair-skinned people, skin moles are generally harmless skin growths that result from a high concentration of natural skin pigment. Calcium suppresses excess growth of the cells lining the colon, whilst also binding cancer producing bile acids to prevent them from irritating the colon wall, both of which may place an individual at high risk for colon cancer. It is advisable to consume a daily dose of yogurt whilst taking antibiotics and continue for at least two weeks thereafter. Paediatrics Centres have reported that individuals who cannot tolerate milk, can usually eat yogurt without any intestinal upset, whilst the amount varies amongst particular brands of yogurt, in general, yogurt has less lactose than milk.

Individuals who cannot tolerate milk, either because of a lactose intolerance or protein allergy, can usually tolerate and enjoy yogurt. For elderly individuals who usually have a more sensitive digestive system, yogurt is an ideal dietary addition. The culturing procedures render yogurt more digestible than milk and the live cultures generate lactase, the enzyme lactose intolerant individual’s lack, and another enzyme found in certain yogurts (beta-galactosidase) helps improve lactose absorption in lactase deficient individuals. Yogurt is most certainly a valuable addition to a health diet for both infants and elderly individuals. 2) Yogurt is naturally a rich source of calcium which is a mineral that contributes to overall colon health therefore reducing the risk balance of nature (Facebook`s recent blog post) colon cancers. One study showed that an average intake of 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day is associated with a 75 percent reduction of colorectal cancer. The development of the pack, led by dieticians in the Glasgow Learning Disability Partnership (GLDP) in partnership with day service and health staff, users and carers, was funded initially by Health Promotion Health Service (NHS Health Scotland) and local NHS funding. The Scottish Government provided further funding to pilot methods of providing healthy living messages that were accessible to people with learning disabilities.