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Some Guidelines[edit]

No Matter Out Of Place (NOOP) - Pack It In, Pack It Out[edit]

There are no trash cans in the desert. Everything you bring to the playa, you bring home Before you go, rethink what you really need. Anything you leave at home cannot become MOOP.

Secure Your Belongings, And Never Let It Hit The Ground[edit]

Your camp will be open and vulnerable to the high winds, and there will be no trash fence surrounding you. Secure anything that can be carried away with the wind to become MOOP. Don't let anything that could blow away hit the ground.

Burn Barrels[edit]

If you plan to use a burn barrel, bring a shovel and metal containers to scoop and remove ashes. All burn barrels should be elevated 10 degrees off the playa surface to prevent burn scars.

Wood Is Moop![edit]

Wood is consistently the #1 MOOP issue at BRC. Wood from sawdust, splinters, wood debris and firewood bark poses a major MOOP problem. Keep the playa beautiful by laying down a tarp or rug under your firewood storage areas and construction areas.

Don't Burn Anythihng Directly On The Playa Surface[edit]

Burning directly on the ground will cause a nasty burn scar and a possible ticketable offense by the Bureau of Land Management.

Account For All Tent Stakes And Rebar[edit]

Every year, hundreds of tent stakes and rebar are found in the playa surface which is very dangerous for motorists like you. Keep the playa safe by accounting for each and every tent stake and rebar that you nail into the playa. If you have difficulty pulling them out, use a pair of vise grips to pull them out. If you need help, tie an obvious market to it so it can be easily seen until it comes out.

Do A MOOP Sweep[edit]

Carry a small MOOP bucket or bag while exploring and if you see anything on the ground that doesn't belong, pick it up. If you are with others, get your campmates together and line up with arms width apart along your camp boundary and walk from one side of the camp to the other, picking up any MOOP you see. Repeat as necessary. Your area should look cleaner than when you got there. For more intensely MOOPy areas, be sure to have rakes, shovels, magnet sweepers, and buckets.

Test your Camp Effort With This 5 Minute Test[edit]

Pick an area in your camp to test. Put a stake in the ground and tie a 40ft string or rope. Get 3-6 people along the rope and MOOP sweep the radius. Collect all the MOOP you find. If the combined MOOP is smaller than the palm of your hand, you pass! This test is similar to the BLM Post-Event Inspection, and the results are proportional to their 1sq ft / acre allowable MOOP standard.